I'm so happy you’re here! I'm Jessie, and I grew up in Maine, I have lived and traveled all over the United States and the World. I come from a family of creatives. My father handed me a camera when I was four years old and I went through rolls of 35mm on photos of the clouds in the sky. There is so much joy and honor I feel being able to capture your story and your love, in it’s organic and raw emotion to help better portray not just what it looked like but how it truly felt. I am a bit of a homebody, I love spending time with my husband Brandon. When we're not watching Netflix, cooking or doing the crossword, you can find us exploring new places to eat and adventuring in National Parks. I have been a fine art and photojournalism photographer for over half my life. I struggle, just like every human on Earth does from time to time. Our lives aren’t perfect. But there are moments that are perfect, in every way. Capturing them for you is my passion. I want to make sure they aren’t forgotten.

I could talk about how perfect this or that is on a wedding day and come up with some trendy lingo that makes everything sound wonderful. But to be honest there is so much more. Your flowers are gorgeous because who doesn’t like flowers. And yes you do look amazing. Yes, I do think the light is magical, really magical. And then there is the emotion of the moment, the subtle looks between you and your partner. I don’t just want to capture how beautiful it looked on the outside, but how it feels! My presence is subtle and respectful. I'll be observing the details that may otherwise be missed. I'll give you prompts or jokes to make you laugh and bring out your organic natural personalities. My cheeks are always hurting from smiling behind the camera. I just can’t help it!

What I love!

  • My Husband! He is my Best-friend and confidant, not to mention a killer second photographer! He’s the tall guy in black hanging with me. 

  • Food! And I am still searching for the perfect gluten-free pizza!

  • My family, animals and nature, of course!

  • Travel, because it makes my heart sing. 

Things you may never have
guessed about me!

  • I have been to every state but Hawaii and visited over 18 countries. 

  • I went to cosmetology school, and although I don’t work in a salon, I can fix that do on your wedding day and give a mean haircut if needed.

  • Give me some charcoal or any artistic medium and I could make you something amazing to put on your wall.

  • I have eight tattoos. My mom did not approve, at first. 

  • I canoed down the Mississippi when I was 16.