On to 2015.......

 Happy New Year everyone! I hope you got to kiss under the stars, under the fireworks, and under the twinkle lights while the ball slowly decended in New York City Times Square. This morning I am posting from sunny California where I have been going through weddings getting them ready for submissions to magazines and blogs and maybe a few contests (cross your fingers!). But my hidden agenda is to share my favorite January wedding from 2014 with you! And of course say Happy One Year Anniversary to Kristen and John. Raleigh NC in January is not like California. It happens to be quite chilly. It may not look that way since no one was wearing a jacket except for John and his groomsmen. I believe it was under 30 degrees and dropping. John had given Kristen a bottle filled with 25 reasons why  he wanted to marry her as a pre wedding surprise. As she went to shatter the bottle on the sidewalk she happened to cut her poor thumb pretty deep and yet it didn’t even faze her in the midst of all her excitement.  Her sister said it might leave a scar and her reply was

“another something to always remind me of this day.”  

True Love 

Happy New Year