Here's to LOVE

Happy February!

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Kristin and Clement met as undergraduates at NYU during senior year. They were both in attendance at a party that was being hosted by Clements best friend who also happened to be dating Kristins friend. When they met for the first time they actually didn't hit it off right away. She wasn't into athletes very much and since Clement was on the wrestling team. It wasn't until Kristin got a job at the school gym where Clement also worked at the time and over that time their relationship formed. He impressed her with his smarts, good humor and genuine nature. "We spent our first date at Washington Square Park and spent the whole night talking."- Kristin

By the end of the school year they didn't want to separate and ended up doing long distance. When Clement got into a Phd program out in Oregon. "I knew it was time for an adventure, we took a leap of faith moving out there. But 5 years later we ended up stronger than ever."- Kristin

Kristen and Clement are full of love for their family and where they come from. Clement being from France brought a unique and new traditions to a wedding day! I love seeing his family get so excited and whip their napkins around in the air with excitement.

Kristen and Clement combined both their lives into such an incredible day, emphasizing their love to travel and learn. Combining amazing food and fun.